Roma Sport Basketball Wheelchairs

roma basketball club wheelchair

Built for Speed

Roma Sport Basketball Wheelchairs have been developed in consultation with numerous basketball athletes and clubs enabling us to manufacture a lightweight, highly manoeuvrable and responsive range of wheelchairs that allows the users to compete at the highest level.

Roma Sport has an extensive range of Basketball Wheelchairs from totally bespoke Made to Measure wheelchairs to a range of standard Club Basketball Wheelchairs to suit all levels of competition and different budgets.

The Range

Using the same principles and technology as our rugby range, we have developed a lightweight, highly maneuverable and responsive range of Basketball Wheelchairs. We manufacture chairs for all levels of the game from grassroots to professional, to the same rigorous standards.

Within the Basketball range – there is a choice of Elite Pro, Pro and Club chairs.

These can be purchased as made to measure, which involves utilising our patented Contour Body Mapping fitting process, that allows us to take measurements to within two decimal points of a persons optimum seating position – or we can build Club chairs that can be used within a team environment, this can be achieved through selecting from a series of standard size options.

roma basketball wheelchair
roma basketball wheelchair

Features and Specifications

  • 24”, 25” & 26” Spinergy Wheels or Standard Wheels
  • Aircraft grade 7020 Aluminium Frame or Steel Frame
  • Single or double anti-tip castors with stepless adjustment
  • Integrated offensive wing
  • Fixed Footrest
  • Calf strap & Foot strap
  • Micro castor forks
  • Adjustable tension upholstery
  • Patented torsion seat plate
  • Contour body mapping
  • Pressure mapping
  • Welded side guards
  • Ratchet straps
  • Ergonomic seat cushion

Elite Pro Basketball Chair

Using our patented Contour Body Mapping measuring system we are able to manufacture a totally bespoke, top of the range, Elite Pro Made to Measure wheelchair.

Elite Pro chairs have the added advantage of the athlete having a second fit to ensure the wheelchair fully meets the athlete’s specification and expectations. All Elite Pro wheelchairs are supplied with Spinergy Wheels as standard.

roma basketball wheelchair

Pro Basketball Chair

For athletes unable to use this service we also offer a Pro Made to Measure, where we manufacture the chair to the athlete’s specifications, supplied on a prescription form.

As with the Elite pro model, Spinergy wheels are supplied as standard.

roma basketball club wheelchair

Club Basketball Chair

The Roma Sport Club basketball wheelchairs are some of the most cost effective basketball wheelchairs available on the market.

The range currently consists of 2 standard sizes of seat widths, 2 wheels size options and also 2 material options, allowing clubs and individuals a comprehensive selection. Club chairs are supplied with a standard lightweight wheel and Spinergy wheels are optional.